Yamaha introduces the MT-10 Tourer Edition

The Dark Side of Japan

The Dark Side of Japan has inspired one of the most exciting new movements to be seen in the motorcycle world for many years. By giving today’s riders a unique riding sensation that captures the
fundamental spirit of motorcycling, Yamaha’s innovative Hyper Naked models are reinvigorating the two-wheeled market. Born in 2013 with the first MT-09 the Dark Side of Japan is evolving year by year with a complete line up from MT-125 to the pack leader MT-10 fit with his dark, metropolitan and aggressive look riders from all ages and needs.

MT-10 Tourer Edition: Journey through the Darkness

Delivering a truly emotional riding sensation – together with characteristic torque and a dominant street presence – the flagship MT-10 has established Yamaha as one of the leading manufacturers in the large capacity naked class.

With its natural and relaxed ergonomics offering a variety of different riding position, the MT-10 is a versatile roadster model that is built to excel in a diverse range of conditions. Combined with its strong and linear torque output, agile handling and sophisticated electronic control technology, this 1000cc Hyper Naked is an ideal platform that can evolve thanks to a dedicated package of accessories in the new MT-10 Tourer Edition.

Equipped with a special range of items that gives enhanced comfort, increased functionality and improved practicality, the MT-10 Tourer Edition opens the Dark Side of Japan to an even wider audience. And a new journey through the darknessis about to begin.

MT-10 Tourer Edition – Added comfort and functionality

For 2017 the unstoppable influence of the Dark Side of Japan continuesto grow with the arrival of the new MT-10 Tourer Edition. Its high screen and knuckle guards enable you to run longer and harder on every ride – while the design of the comfortseat delivers added exclusivity to the Hyper Naked class.

Soft ABS side cases bring increased functionality to this remarkable all rounder, and a GPS support isdesigned to accommodate various devices including the TomTom rider satnav that is available as anoptional extra in the Tourer Edition package.

While all of the special parts and accessories featured on this new model are available to existing MT-10 owners, the fully equipped MT-10 Tourer Edition represents a sensible saving when compared to buying the items separately. Furthermore, Yamaha and TomTom have come together to offer the TomTom Rider 410 for €199 only to MT-10 Tourer Edition customers, giving a saving of €200 on the standard price.

With its range of accessories, this MT-10 Tourer Edition is designed for those riders who want a versatile and exhilarating 1000cc naked bike that delivers adrenaline-charged performance – together with added comfort, increased functionality and enhanced practicality for longer trips.

Thrilling performance with all round versatility

The special -oriented equipment transforms the most exciting Hyper Naked into an even more versatile and functional motorcycle, capable of covering longer distances at high speeds.

With its ability to excel at everything from commuting through to sport riding, and weekend trips through to longer distance adventures, the MT-10 Tourer Edition combines thrilling performance and all-round versatility.

MT-10 Tourer Edition highlights

  • Special edition of the class-leading MT-10
  • Enhanced comfort and increased functionality
  • Thrilling Hyper Naked performance
  • The most versatile and exciting 1000cc naked bike
  • Soft ABS side cases
  • High sport screen
  • Knuckle guards
  • Comfort design seat
  • GPS support
  • Optional TomTom Rider 410 satnav at special partnership price

MT-10 Engine

YZF-R1-based engine tuned for strong and linear torque

The MT-10 engine has been developed directly from the latest YZF-R1’s 998cc in line 4-cylinder ‘CP4’ crossplane engine that is widely regarded as one of most advanced and exciting designs in its class.

To best suit the requirements of the Hyper Naked class, the engine features a number of significant technical changes that are designed to deliver stronger low to mid speed torque, including specially designed intake, exhaust and fuelling systems, as well as an optimized crank balance. A number of model-specific settings have also been adopted in order to enhance the direct and connected feeling between the throttle and the rear wheel that is associated with the crossplane design.

Yamaha D-MODE, YCC-T Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle

Yamaha D-MODE offers the rider a choice of three engine running modes that are designed to suit different riding situations and conditions. The key to its operation is the sophisticated electronic package in the YCC-T that can instantaneously alter the engine character by adjusting throttle opening, ignition timing and fuel injection volume.

Traction Control System (TCS) & Quick Shifter System (QSS)

The Traction Control System enables the MT-10 rider to maintain traction on varying surfaces, making the Tourer Edition ideally suited to longer trips. The TCS works by monitoring any slippage in the rear tyre, and when this is detected the YCC-T automatically controls throttle opening, ignition timing and fuel injection volume to restore rear wheel traction for increased control.

The MT-10 also benefits from a Quick Shifter System (QSS) that enables the rider to perform full throttle clutchless upshifts, giving remarkable standing start and roll-on acceleration.

Assist and slipper (A&S) clutch

The MT-10’s advanced A&S clutch is similar to that used on the new generation YZF-R1, and its compact and sophisticated design offers a number of advantages to the rider when accelerating and decelerating. Together with the enhanced comfort and functionality provided by the Tourer Edition package, the smooth and light A&S clutch makes this Hyper Naked model the perfect choice for those riders who experience heavy traffic on their daily commute to work.

Cruise control

The MT-10 Tourer Edition has been developed for riders who are looking for a high performance Hyper Naked that is equipped for longer trips. Cruise control is fitted as standard on the MT-10 and can be activated in 4th, 5th and 6th gears between 50km/h and 180km/h.

MT-10 Chassis

A genuine roadster with a natural riding position

Like every model within Yamaha’s best selling Hyper Naked segment, the MT-10 is a purpose-built roadster that has been developed to give genuine versatility and high levels of riding comfort – in contrast to some other manufacturers’ less versatile naked models that are essentially stripped down supersport bikes. The handlebar/seat/footrest relationship – together with the shape and position of the tank cover – has been designed to allow the rider to maintain a firm knee grip with good lower body contact during cornering and acceleration – while the comfort seat featured on the MT-10 Tourer Edition features a higher rear section, giving passengers a more relaxed ride.

Lightweight R1-derived aluminium Deltabox frame

The MT-10’s chassis has been developed from the design used on the new generation YZF-R1 that is widely considered to be one of the most sophisticated and best handling supersport bikes in the marketplace.

While the YZF-R1 is a full-on supersport bike, the MT-10 is aimed at those riders looking for a thrilling and versatile performance bike that can be used in a range of situations. To enhance the MT’s all round comfort in typical day-to-day usage, the Deltabox frame has a revised strength/rigidity balance that delivers outstanding handling agility together with class leading controllability and accurate feedback.

Short 1400mm wheelbase and revised chassis geometry

The MT-10 runs with an ultra-short 1400mm wheelbase – a full 35mm less than the nearest competitor, making it the most compact naked bike in its class. Combined with the extra-long YZF-R1-type aluminium upward truss swingarm and subtle revisions to the Deltabox frame’s geometry, the 1400mm wheelbase gives light and neutral handling performance together with outstanding straight-line stability during acceleration.

YZF-R1-derived fully adjustable suspension

The fully adjustable front and rear suspension has been developed from the highly regarded systems used on the latest generation YZF-R1. At the front end the KYB upside down cartridge forks feature 43mm tubes and give 120mm of travel. The model-specific settings give a smooth and compliant feeling during the initial stroke in low load situations, while at higher loads the front forks give accurate feedback and feel from the front wheel for a high degree of controllability.At the rear end the MT-10 is equipped with the R1-type upward truss type swingarm that pivots close to the machine’s centre to give outstanding straight-line stability. This extra-long high-tech aluminium swingarm operates a KYB rear shock through a bottom link Monocross system, and the suspension settings are designed to utilize the chain tension forces towards optimizing driving force and traction during acceleration.

320mm dual front discs with radial mount 4-pot calipers

Featuring ABS as standard equipment, the MT-10 is fitted with dual 320mm diameter floating front discs that feature radial-mount 4-pot opposed piston calipers with sintered pads.

MT-10 Colours

Tech Black

Race Blu

Night Fluo


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