Ducati Monster 797

Ducati presents the new Monster 797. Monster spirit and Ducati appeal that is now accessible to everyone. Sporty, compact, essential yet incredibly stylish and up to date, the Monster 797 embodies all the allure of the Monster and represents the gateway to the Ducati world. Everything on the Monster 797 recalls the iconic 90s bike while offering cutting-edge modernity: from the Trellis frame to the air-cooled L-twin engine and round headlight.

The Monster 797, the most accessible of the Ducati nakeds, has been designed to express that unique Monster essence right down to the last detail. With its compact yet beefy tank, iconic headlight and tapered tail, the Monster 797 is clean and sinewy. The Desmodue air-cooled L-twin engine is cradled in the Trellis frame, showcasing the mechanics in inimitable Monster style.

With a punchy maximum power of 75 hp at 8,250 rpm and great delivery throughout the rev range, the Monster 797 puts performance and fun within everyone’s grasp, ensuring an exciting ride experience, every day, on any road. EURO 4 compliant, the Monster 797 L-twin is perfect for those purchasing their first Ducati or simply their first motorcycle, yet still offers fun-packed riding for even the most expert motorcyclist. Moreover, active safety is always ready to kick in thanks to the as-standard Bosch ABS. The ABS on the Monster 797 works in concert with a top-drawer front braking system consisting of two 320 mm Brembo discs gripped by two Brembo M4.32 radial calipers.

Whether on city streets or country roads, the Monster 797 is the perfect bike for cool, carefree riding. Right from the very first mile, the low seat and wide handlebars inspire confidence. Contained weight and agile chassis geometry give riders outstanding ‘feel’, perfect control and superb handling whatever their level of experience.

The new Monster 797 is also available in Plus version. The Monster 797+ features a distinctive look thanks to its enhanced standard equipment, including flyscreen and passenger seat cover, both varnished the same color as the fuel tank and the front mudguard. The flyscreen improves the aerodynamic protection and thus the rider’s comfort. The Monster 797+ is available in Star White Silk, Ducati Red and Dark Stealth.

The new Ducati Monster 797 finally makes the iconic essence, history and unique appeal of the Monster – and Ducati – accessible to anyone.


In 797 the Ducati Design Center has developed a compact, sporty bike with dynamic flair that embodies everything the Monster is about. The tank is Monster through and through. Stylish yet beefy, it features an attachment clip at the front just like the one on the original 1992 Monster. The round headlight is a contemporary take on the one that has equipped this iconic naked bike since its inception.

On the Monster 797 the frame isn’t just a structural element, it’s a true design feature that returns to its single-piece origins, from the steering head to the tail, including the traditional tubular grab rails for the passenger. The same concept is seen on the air-cooled twin cylinder Desmodue engine, the cooling fins recalling the spirit of the first-generation Monster.

The Monster 797 combines traditional elements with ultra-modern components. It actually features LCD instrumentation, LED side lights and tail light plus new switchgears.
A look at the chassis set-up reveals, in addition to the already-mentioned Trellis frame, a light, sporty cast aluminium twin-sided swingarm with a laterally mounted shock absorber. The triangular swingarm also recalls another milestone in Monster history, the 696 from 2008.


The Monster 797 engine is an air-cooled 803 cm3 Desmodue L-twin. This power unit takes its cue from the original Monster but is an up-to-the-minute Euro 4 engine capable of delivering 75 hp at 8,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 69 Nm (50.8 lb-ft) at 5,750 rpm. With bore and stroke measurements of 88 mm and 66 mm respectively, it has been designed to provide pure Ducati riding pleasure without ever being overly challenging.

The twin cylinder engine on the Monster 797 features a single 50 mm throttle body with two sub-butterfly injectors: this solution ensures fluid power delivery and accurate control of the fuel mix aspirated into the cylinders. The 2-in-1 exhaust has been designed to ensure optimal fluid dynamics and excellent heat protection for both rider and passenger.

The gearbox is a six-speed unit, while the APTC wire-controlled wet multiplate clutch ensures light lever action and the additional advantage of excellent responsiveness: a huge help in the continuous start- stop of city traffic. Moreover, the clutch also has a servo-assisted slipper function that limits rear wheel destabilisation during down-shifting.

Designed to be simple and reliable, the Monster 797 engine also features competitive 12,000 km maintenance intervals.


The Monster 797 features a traditional tubular Ducati Trellis frame. Essential, rigid and light, it leaves the Ducati L-twin engine in full view and is, together with the steel tank, a Monster hallmark. The frame matches the cast aluminium twin-sided swingarm to perfection and, thanks to the compact 1,435 mm wheelbase, ensures outstanding in traffic and stability at speed.

Offering that unmistakeable Monster look, the fuel tank has a capacity of 16.5 litres. The low seat (just 805 mm off the ground), wide handlebars and generous steering lock provide manoeuvrability at low speed and when moving off.


The Monster 797 is equipped with a 43 mm Kayaba fork with 130 mm of travel. At the rear, instead, the suspension consists of a Sachs shock absorber. This features adjustable spring preload and rebound damping, is mounted on the left side of the bike and connected to the frame and swingarm without rising rate linkage. Rear wheel travel is 150 mm.

Tyres and wheels

The Monster 797 mounts light, 10-spoke alloy wheels. Pirelli Diablo Rosso II dual-compound tyres combine mileage-enhancing durability with constant grip, even in assertive cornering. These quality tyres apply Pirelli Enhanced Patch Technology (EPT) to maximise the contact patch area whatever the lean angle, and Functional Groove Design (FGD) to optimise performance in the wet. The specifications are 120/70 ZR17 at the front and 180/55 ZR17 at the rear.

Braking system

The Monster 797 mounts a Brembo braking system featuring Bosch 9.1 MP ABS with an internal pressure sensor. To optimise braking performance and maximise safety, at the front the Monster 797 mounts twin Brembo M4.32 4-piston monobloc calipers that grip 320 mm discs and an axial-pump brake lever with incorporated fluid reservoir. At the rear, instead, is a single 245 mm, disc with Brembo caliper; like the front brake, it features enhanced-efficiency sintered brake pads. Premium components like these ensure top-notch braking performance, a feature that has always been a Ducati hallmark.

LCD Instrumentation

The Monster 797 instrument panel consists of a large, easy-to-see LCD screen that provides the rider with essential primary and secondary information. It gives info on speed, rpm, total distance ridden, trip1 and trip2, engine oil temperature and features a clock. Moreover, it also shows average speed and trip time.

Headlight and indicators

The Monster 797 mounts a headlight with LED side light, characterised by contemporary design and cutting-edge technology. A LED light is also incorporated at the rear. A hazard warning lights function is also available on the Monster 797; this is activated by pressing the dedicated indicator switch.

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