Winter on two wheels: 5 places to go riding on winter

Who says you can’t ride your bike in winter? All you need to do is choose a warm destination and that’s that! Here are 5 ideas for a different winter experience, accompanied by your motorcycle and some sunshine.

Sicily and . The two Italian islands have always been excellent destinations for winter biking tours. They offer a mild climate and quiet roads with little traffic. In Sicily you will find the pleasant ups and downs of hilly countryside, while in the Quattro Mori region we recommend that you start from the strategically situated town of Cagliari.

Southern Spain. A must-see destination is the Costa do Sol in southern Spain. From Malaga and Marbella you can take trips to your heart’s content, letting your bike engine roar along the wonderful coastline.

The Canary Islands. The most African of the Spanish islands will leave you breathless: a “caliente” climate and fantastic beaches. Go wild between and Fuerteventura, very popular destinations partly due to the entertainment and night-life on offer.

Sao Miguel and the Azores. A pearl in the Portuguese Azores Archipelago. Warm and uncontaminated, it welcomes motorcyclists with its perfect tarred roads and multitude of flowers. Tropical landscapes, but also plenty of entertainment in the form of evenings in Ponta Delgada, the island’s main town.

Morocco. For the more enterprising amongst you, we recommend a raid into the Moroccan desert: sun, sand and lots of dunes to take your breath away. Captivating and mysterious: it is always better to approach a tour operator before embarking on a trip to Morocco.

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