Rayvolt Cruzer | Pure Café Racer Style

The Rayvolt Bike Cruzer is the original model that inspired Rayvolt. Its design is influenced by the first motorcycle era, the 60’s café racer and surfing beach cruiser. This vintage design combined to the innovative technology from EIVA and the Rayvolt Hub makes this bike a timeless piece that will definitely mark an era. The Rayvolt Cruzer is available in Clockwork Orange, British Green and Cool Grey.

Electric Motorcycles News - RayVolt Cruzer Electric Motorcycles News - RayVolt Cruzer


As the name says, EIVA is your Intelligent Virtual Assistant, which converts your bike into a real Smart Bike. EIVA is wirelessly connected to the controller at all times, displaying basic information as speed, battery state and much more. Also lets you customize your ride experience to the finest settings.

EIVA features built-in GPS and access to Maps and Virtual City guides to guide you through the best points of interest in style. EIVA provides diagnosis in case of any electronic fault in the motor so that repairs are efficient.

Electric Motorcycles News - RayVolt Cruzer

Intelligent Pedal Assist
The Intelligent Pedal Assist System detects crankset motion, sending information to the motor in real time, allowing it to respond with proportional power. There are 6 levels of assistance from no aid to maximum assistance that can be activated from EIVA´s main screen.

Those levels can be further calibrated from the advanced setting menu. In Auto mode, the bike will detect your cycling environment and adjust in real time the assistance according to the type of hill you are climbing.

Electric Motorcycles News - RayVolt Cruzer Electric Motorcycles News - RayVolt Cruzer

Regen Brake System
RBS is an electronic braking and energy recovery system. The brake levers send a data signal to the motor controller, inducing a reverse effect in the motor converting torque into resistance, reusing the bike´s inertia to generate electricity and recharge the batteries. Put simply; the Regen braking is acting like an ultra powerful dynamo when the levers are pulled. RBS sensitivity can be easily adjusted from the Rayvolt Smart Computer. Rayvolt Bikes also feature conventional brakes on both wheels to stop the bike mechanically.

Rayvolt Hub is a very complex brushless 3 phase DC Motor comprising 48 different copper coils and magnets placed on the very outside of the motor perimeter for the best possible torque. The built-in controller receives heat and position data from the coils, and computes where to put the next load in real time within one millisecond. Such accuracy delivers a pure Sine Wave current, offering an unmatched ride comfort:.

  • More acceleration
  • More torque
  • More response
  • Less noise
  • Less vibration

Electric Motorcycles News - RayVolt Cruzer

Rayvolt bikes are fitted with premium custom batteries. All Rayvolt batteries use Samsung SDI Cells mounted 13 in series to reach a rated Voltage of 48V; optimum for E-Bike performance while remaining street legal. Delivering a higher voltage than most 36V bikes, your advantage as you need less current for the same resulting in a lower consumption and less thermal loss. Standard batteries feature 4 Cells in parallel to deliver 48V / 10.5Ah (567Wh of power), while the HQ Battery option combines 8 cells in parallel to provide 48V / 21Ah (a massive 1134Wh).

Hybrid traction
Rayvolt Bikes are fitted with a Power Hub which can be used in Pedelec Mode, 100% compliant with the EU Regulation for E-bikes EN15194. When off-road or if registered as a Moped, the EIVA device allows the rated Power to be increased from 250W to 1000W, delimiting the top from 25km/h to 50km/h, disabling the PAS and converting the Push Start Device into a Full Throttle. All these settings can be fine tuned to your need in advance.

Complying with European regulation, the Thumb Throttle provides a start push up to 5 km/h. The throttle works only when the bike is totally stopped.

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