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After having a 2 week break from racing Kieran Maunder was back to normal this weekend as he headed to defend his lead at the Putoline youth Enduro XC Series with Enduroland. A new venue at Dauntesy near Wiltshire, which proved to be hot, fast & flat. With this in mind Kieran made the decision to run his Elec-Trick Blitz Kuberg X-Force Pro50 in mode one to make sure battery was preserved to finish the race.

Kieran Maunder is a for Kuberg UK/ Ireland riding the Elec-Trick Blitz X-Force 50 Pro XC.

As the race started Maunder #158 used all the 8kw power of his Factory X-force Pro50 XC and he took the hole shot and got off to a great start by getting out in front of the 50 auto class. After 2 pit stops Keiran was still out in the lead by 3 minutes. The decision to swap the battery 1 last time for his last lap just to be sure.

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A change up into mode 2 & with painful blisters in sweltering heat tenacity from the young electric Kuberg rider pushed on, despite a last lap crash & still managed to cross the line in 1st place. What Kieran is achieving with his hard work and determination is nothing more then incredible 4 wins from 4 championship races putting Kieran with his electric Kuberg at the top of the leader board in the 50cc auto class.

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