Could GLORIA be a game changer in this motorcycle world?

I have met these guys online (We definitely should meet in Paris one day) for about 9 months when they created the Jambon-Beurre Project. That was a crazy cool electric motorcycle prototype. It looked like a vintage flat tracker with a 90’s inspired color pallet and a massive powerplant inside!

Benjamin: “The motor has been developed for small aircrafts and military drones, the power pack, co-developed with PYMCO Technology, delivered 106 HP and a 540 Nm torque! Our intention was to test the public reaction (not only the bikers world) when facing such a UFO! And this reaction has been so good that we push the project to a new mass production step.”

Electric Motorcycles News - Gloria

Jambon-Beurre Motorcycle

After 4 years running Jambon-Beurre Custom Motorcycle Garage, and thousands of hours working in the workshop discussing about fashion, motorcycles and the future, they realized that the world had changed, but the motorcycles market had not. “These years were the best technical and marketing school that we could have ever imagined!” says Benjamin.

The new GLORIA Factory is not a “project by Jambon-Beurre” but more like the evolution of Jambon-Beurre. They don’t make custom motorcycles anymore and are 200% on GLORIA. It is a mass production project with customization possibilities. Even if the spirit of the team is the same, GLORIA is a lot more ambitious. The target is to become a global motorcycles OEM. That doesn’t mean that these guys becoming boring by the way!

A new vision

GLORIA wants to cut that endless discussion where the Petrol lobby fight against the Lithium lobby and the public understand nothing anymore and repeat al that bullshit on Facebook and other social media. They enter the game by breaking it. GLORIA thinks that trying to convince traditional bikers is a waiste of time and energy… There’s nothing more tiring than trying to impose change to someone if they don’t want to change! Bikers are happy with gas bikes and don’t care about green tech. Especially when lobbies are making it not so green!

Electric Motorcycles News - Gloria

Benjamin: “So we believe that better than make them change, we must focus on creating new bikers. Young and stylish people… People that won’t compare prices, specifications, performances, range etc… But just discovering that they have now easy access to something really cool!! And then let the market magic do the job. When the day comes that a small group of young and good looking people acting cool on an electric bike, you don’t have to push the others. They will come buy themselves. That’s exactly what appended with the café racers trend. And with any trend in any market actually.”

The GLORIA project

GLORIA Project is not about electrifying a motorcycle. It is a re-thinking of the whole Motorcycle industry process. From production to customer.

Step 1:
Forget everything you know about the existing motorcycle world.

Step 2:
Look at the people in the street. Especially young people, women and men. How do they behave, what matters to them? How do they move, express themselves? How do they purchase high tech products?

Step 3:
And now think about how to give them access and love to the great motorcycle’s thrill and passion that burns in us since we are kids.

Electric Motorcycles News - Gloria

GLORIA Project is not about electrifying a motorcycle. It is a re-thinking of the whole Motorcycle industry process.

Benjamin: “And don’t you ever tell me: “Yes, but you know, the sensation etc…”. We are talking about the opportunity to ride a starwars race ship in the street and in stealth mode! So, for those that can’t understand that “sensation” and “Gasoline” are not forever linked, they can go home and drink some! Both are great and … about the little smartass (there is always one) that will point “The chain track is bullshit”, no it’s not!!!! The motor is mounted on the swing arm, not the rear frame, so the chain geometry is constant and works perfectly well.”

This is how GLORIA was born.

Benjamin, Antonin and Vincent:

“First, it’s electric, mostly because we are in 2018 and moving in the city with gas powered vehicle makes no sense anymore. Electricity brings you the simplicity required in handling and maintenance plus the silence that big cities needs so much! And normally, here is where you ask about ecology! Some people say that’s good for the earth, some say that’s not, and both are paid to keep up the thoughts… So we don’t even enter that discussion!”

“Then, it’s fully customizable. We believe that the standardization century is gone and that a vehicle is a great support for self-expression. We learned a lot about it by running the Jambon-Beurre Motorcycle Custom Garage, and this is the value we bring to mass production with GLORIA.”

Electric Motorcycles News - Gloria

“We also believe that selling a motorcycle like a motorcycle remains to the past! That experience that consists in going to the Dealer’s Shop, seeing your potential future bike aligned in the shop window with 10 perfect clones of it. And suffer the traditional attack of the good old tie guy advising you to buy the one with the best margin… The worst in that? You know, deep inside, that in the machine’s price, you pay for all that circus! “

“No, no, no, GLORIA is a modern times company! You go online; customize your motorcycle based on your morphology, tastes and style. Then we deliver it at your home. And when you want to change the style? Just go back online, re-customize your motorcycle and we set an appointment to update it as often as you want.”

“And finally, it’s simple to use. Apple proved decades ago with Mac and more recently Iphone that “powerful” and “cool” does not mean “complicated “. This is what we are doing today with GLORIA. A maximum of sensations available with a 10 min max training and only a Car license (just like a 125cc). Its 100km range and “300cc comparable” acceleration makes it the perfect urban/suburban weapon.”

Today, GLORIA is in the middle of a Fundraising campaign to launch the industrial prototypes. Potential investors are welcome. Talk to them! Commercialization is planned for 2020.


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